Monday, April 18, 2011

Volcanic #22

You know, I get mighty disgusted with those 10 cent doorstoppers you buy at Home Depot, etc. The dogs chew 'em up.  Well, I fixed that today and reached in the gun room and grabbed some junky 41 caliber Volcanic Serial #22 made in 1855. The extra weight of this keeps the dogs from dislodging the old style doorstoppers. Whew! That's my work for the day!


Yea, its a bit rough but it is the real deal. It's missing the shoulder stock and NO!, its not mine. I'm just cleaning her up a bit. This gun came through the front door at Targetmaster over the weekend from an old lady "wanting to get rid of this old junk". 

As the Good Lord as my witness, that's the truth. Its amazing the guns that "come out of the woodwork" here in the East.

Serial # 22 (the mark in the front of the first "2" is just that, a mark--its not a "1". This is the gun that started it all and gave us all "the disease" .

This gun later sold for $7,000.


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