Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Notes from the gun shop...

I think that people are really going to like the new store.  I spent much of the day moving ammo and other items to the store.  Jay S_____ showed me how to turn on all the lights, we pretty much got the gunsmith moved over but not quite set up.  There's lots of work to do still, but we're looking good.

The big quality gun influx has some real treats that continue to show up.  We have a list but it often understates the items.  For example, there is a 3d generation .44 Special Colt SAA in nickel with a 4-3/4" barrel and ivory stocks, several S&W J-frames including a Model 40 Centennial, a 649 and a 60. Looking at them all together in the case is almost overwhelming.

Another fellow brought in an interesting rifle for "appraisal" yesterday.  A Remington Model 30A, Express in .25 Remington with Noske scope.  A neat rifle but he's going to play hell finding loaded ammunition from the major makers.  Custom loaded ammo can be found of course, and he could load it himself.  That is a lot of rifle for the .25 Remington but recoil should be about nil...

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Notes from the gun shop...

Busy day moving.  It will be a very nice store.  We had lots more ammo than we thought and most of it will be on the shelves "out front" now.

Saw a first for me, a "flat-band" Winchester 1894 in .25-35.  I've got a flat-band .30 WCF but I've never seen a .25-35.  I had thought that post WWII Winchester didn't produce any .25-35s but there it is.  We also have a fine condition Colt Banker's Special with what appeared to me in my cursory inspection to be factory Colt ivory stocks.  There were also two new in box Colt National Match 1911s of differing vintages. 

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Notes from the gun shop...

Moving continues but stuff is coming in. Saw my first Remington R51 today. Underwhelmed maybe even disappointed. Trigger pull was pretty good. Size was pretty good. Feel in the hand was pretty good. Still, not enthusiastic. I would like to shoot one but I can't see spending my own money on it. Glocks are great guns but I still haven't bought one of them either!

Handled a bunch of great guns today as the big collection transits the store.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Notes from the gun shop...

Well, there's some big news.  The shop will be moving to 1301 Barterbrook Road and will open in the new location on 1 April.  Moving and stocking the new store location has already begun.  Hours will be the same.  There will be a gunsmith on site on Saturdays and Mondays. Phone number and fax number will be the same as well.  That's 540-886-3061 and 5640-886-3614 respectively. 

In the meantime, the shop has walked into a deal of almost 400 guns from the collection of a gun show promoter from Tennessee.  Really high grade guns ranging from shotguns to rifles to all sorts of handguns.