Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Differentiating between the Pre-64 and Post-64 Winchester Model 94s by Joe Miller

This photo essay was intended to help those who are not familiar with the external differences between the Pre-64 and Post-64 Winchester Model 94s. These pictures will show the differences in the screws, the triggers, some of the machining changes, the carriers, and the shapes of the receivers.

I've created a legend to match the letters that identify the various features that are different between the two vintages. It should be self explanatory.

A - Angles & Contours or Upper Edges of Receiver, Step at Front of Bolt
B - Angles & Contours of Lower Edges of Receiver
C - Round or oval cut to rear of blot face surrounding extractor, machine cuts on sides of front end of bolt.
D - Link pin retaining screw - pre-64
E - Link pin - pre-64
F - Finger lever link screw - pre-64
G - Finger lever pin - post-64
H - Finger lever pin stop screw; small pre-64 - larger post-64
I - Cartridge guide screws; threads from inside pre-64, thread from outside post-64
J - Hammer screw: larger head pre-64
K - Hammer/link screw post-64
L - Firing pin retaining pin omitted on post-64
M - Spring cover screw
N - Carrier screw; 2 used pre-64
O - Carrier screw; 1 used post-64
P - Spring cover; machined pre-64, stamped post-64
Q - Carrier spring screw
R - Trigger; machined pre-64, cast post-64

-Joe Miller-

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Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for the excellent photos and article. I lucked out today and bought a mint pre64 W94, .32spl. Thanks again. jkc