Wednesday, June 30, 2010


I haven't been doing much of anything shooting related because we've (Nana and I) have been prepping Mom's place for the Realtor.  We have had to haul a lot of stuff off to charity such as bedding and towels to the SPCA and our vet for small animal bedding and that which the auctioneer wouldn't touch to Valley Mission for their thrift store to raise money (the GOOD clean bedding went upstairs to supply their clients).  We moved some 26 pickup loads of stuff to the dump which includes loads of separated recyclable cardboard, glass and metal.  We have a couple of things to repair before the house sells such as window screens, one toilet (which works but is an awful color and has a cracked tank lid), two sinks (with, again, awful colors AND hard water stains/buildup) and cleaning up the yard.  A friend, Steve H_____, came over and helped remove some pine bark beetle victims from Dad's Christmas tree plantation.  A neighbor FINALLY came over and pulled an old Dodge pickup carcass from the hardwood lot.  One portion of the pasture needs some heavy work as a tree has come down over a fence and the cedars seem to be taking over again.  We feel that a bucolic view will help sell the place but we have several people who are interested. 

It is unfortunate that this doesn't allow much time for shooting things.  I did enjoy hearing the neighbor having a good shoot this afternoon though!

Friday, June 18, 2010

A Rough Week with the Dog

I know that I shouldn't complain, lot's of folks have a life that is infinitely worse than mine but it isn't exactly my life that concerns me. Bailey has had the rough week..

Bailey is our miniature schnauzer. Born April 20, 2000, she just recently turned 10-years old. That is about middle-aged for a miniature schnauzer. This week she started off ok but not eating her "winter rations" of two meals a day, and she doesn't when it is as hot as it was then. She has long cut herself to one meal plus her beloved treats. Monday night, she was still an enthusiastic dog. Tuesday was another story...

I noticed she wasn't quite herself as she did her "business" and promptly did it again on the kitchen floor. She then was lethargic all day long. That was enough for me. Wednesday she went to the vet. She had a fever of 104+ and was dehydrated (despite drinking water, the only thing she took in). We left her there on an IV. The vet did blood work. No idea what is causing the fever. Because of her attitude with the vet techs and assistants, I went in every 2½-3 hours and walked her. I took her home Wednesday evening at about 6:00 and back in to the vet Thursday morning for another day of IV hydration and periodic walks. Her temp Thursday morning was 102+ and she was a bit more energetic.

Now it is Friday. She hasn't eaten a thing since Monday at about noon (late breakfast). I take her back to the vet. They give her a shot of fluids and I take her to work. All day I try to interest her in food and repeat the water and walk cycle. Sometimes she's a bit perkier, but mostly just a tired dog. Still won't eat. Bring her home and she still won't eat. Called the vet and she says to give it the weekend to see how it goes.

I have checked her over (often) for ticks. None. Checked her gums. Doesn't seem to be a problem. I'll look again. I know she doesn't feel well and so I'm not happy. Not at all, but, I am hopeful. She's looking a bit perkier, wanted up on the sofa next to us, watches "Mom" move around and eat. Fingers crossed and prayers said...

6-20-2010: Acting much better today. Seems hydrated, urine more clear, more aware and active but not eating. We "squirted" about 3-4 ounces of beef broth down her throat to get something nutritious in her. Didn't throw up. Did bark at the neighbor. All good signs...

6-21-2010: Threw up again this morning. Barked at neighbor. Fecal sample tested negative for anything worrisome. FINALLY ate some beef stew...

6-24-2010: Well, 3 days later and we've gotten her back on kibble, finally, and nearly normal bowel movements. If you've ever had an unpredictable dog (or been "unpredictable" yourself, you know why that's important. She's going to the groomer, one of her fav people, for the spa treatment and to make the "poodle leg" (shaved for the catheter) a bit less noticeable. Not that she notices and I envy her that.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Received my first copy of Ruger Collectors' Association Journal

I joined the Ruger Collectors' Association a few months back and received my first issue of the journal today.  It would seem to be pretty interesting.  One may apply for membership by writing to:

Ruger Collectors' Association
POB 240
Green Farms, CT 06838

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Lyman 56 Sight Codes...

Many thanks to Shasta for this. I can use it when perusing sights at gun shows.

According to the book "OLD GUNSIGHTS" by Nick Stroebel, the Lyman 56 application codes were:

56A- winchester 1892, 1894, 1886, Models 53, 55, 64, 65, 71, 1885, 87 Single Shot, Remingon Model 14 & 141.

56B- Winchester Model 1903, 63, 61, Marlin Models 1894, 36.

56BSA- BSA Model 12, Martini action rifles.

56C- Remington Models 14, 141, 25, Marlin Models 39, 39A, 1897, Savage Models 1903, 1914, 1929, Stevens Model 75.

56LA- Marlin 336.

56MB- Marlin Models 1893, 1894, 36.

56MC- Marlin Models 39, 39A, 1897.

56R12- Remingon Models 12, 121, 25, Savage Models 1903, 1914, 29, Stevens Model 75.

56S- Savage Model 99

56W- Marlin Model 1893.

56W71- Winchester Model 86 and 71.

Some applications require a different front sight also.

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Lipsey's .44 Special 7½" Flat Top Ruger Blackhawk

Yesterday I made mention of the Lipsey's .44 Special 7½" Flat Top Ruger Blackhawk. I was a bit confused by a couple of serialization errors that Ruger was reported to have made. Tom R_________ was kind enough to take the time to straighten me out...
The 92 7.5 inch guns, I believe are stamped correctly at 520- . These guns are high polish blue, bisley grips, 7.5“ barrel, flat top, in 44 special.

They were to be stamped Serial # SH25-0** , a run of 100 guns for the Shootists,

I believe the first 90 or so got stamped with the correct Ruger serialization and another batch had to be produced for the Shootists serialization then sent to the engraver to be engraved Shootists 25th anniversary on the left and the Shootists motto on the right.
So what Cubrock got was a Shootist gun sans the Shootist's serial and engraving. That's really pretty neat. I got to coonfinger it and ensure that it got to a friend instead of sitting lost and lonely in my safe. That makes me feel good. Now I have to go to the dentist.

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Notes from the gun shop...

There wasn't much happening today. We did have the opportunity of standing outside the front door and watching 3 does feed in a grassy lot across the street, inside the city of Staunton, in the middle of the day.

I arrived this morning to find a 7½" .44 Special FT Bisley with a 520 serial prefix in the gun case. I thought about buying it but... so, I let some "friends" know it was available and one of them bought it. Only 92 got out of the factory and he has one. Cool. I tried to like it. I really did try but I don't.

We also sold the S&W M28-2 and the S&W Model 10 2" round-butt. Two more temptations out of my way.

Other than that it was a slow, slow day.

Virginia has new software and a new "system" for on-line processing of background checks. It is VERY much slower than the old system. The front end is very much NOT user friendly which takes longer. It is repetitive and uses info from the 4473 as well as requiring certification by the person entering the data, twice, in the form of his/her account number AND the necessity of typing in his/her name even though the system recognizes the number... go figger. On top of all that it processes everything more slowly. That is a problem on a busy day. As to delays, no change. Sometimes I wonder if they are sitting on their hands. My advice is that if you get delayed go to the shop the first thing in the morning and go back at lunch to pick up your gun.