Tuesday, June 21, 2016

New website for Nuckols Gun Works

As you know I have a hobby "job" at Nuckols Gun Works in Staunton, VA. They now have a new/updated web site (you can click on the link in the first sentence). You can see in real time what guns are available and what prices we have. Also, you can get BETTER prices from the website AND participate in our gun giveaway as well as get coupons for discounts on ammunition. The whole staff is dedicated to service to all our customers. I really like working there for that reason.

Friday, June 10, 2016

Kingston Army M1 Garand .22

After more than a 1½-year wait we've got our Kingston Armory M1 Garand .22 rifles. Built on an all -steel version of the 10-22 that uses 10-22 magazines. The issue mag has a base-plate attached that makes the gun look more like an M1 rifle. It does have M1 sights, and the stock is amazingly like an M1 rifle stock. Looks pretty good so far but we have not shot them as we got them today. I will probably not get to shoot mine before Thursday. The other will likely be shot on Sunday. Serial numbers? 0044 (mine) and 0076.

LOA is 41", barrel is about 23", overall it is about 2" shorter than an M1 rifle. It weighs about as much, but not quite (I haven't weighed it yet). They have scaled it very well to the 10/22 action while maintaining the feel of the full-sized .30 cal M1 rifle.