Monday, September 19, 2005

This morning I went to the range to try a couple of different types of ammo in my 1956 M39A Mountie. I shot the Winchester PowerPoints as a control. Range was 25 yards.

The CCI CB shorts performed about as expected but surprised me by impacting just a bit above point of aim.

The REAL surprise was the Aguila SSS 60 gr. .22 LR ammo. 10 rounds and no tipping. IOW, they stabilized in the Marlin. Furthew, POI was just 1¼" high and about ½" to the right of POA for this rifle zeroed with the Winchester PP ammo.

Now, some of you might not be aware of this ammo. However, we've talked about the Super Colibri here before. The SSS is a 60gr Solid Point Lead Bullet. Velocity: 950fps. Energy: 120Ft-Lb. The biggest problem is that it often won't stabilize. Up until now, I'd found that none of my .22s would stabilize this ammo. I know several shooters who'd had custom barrels made for their Contenders just to use this ammo. Thus I was very happy to see that I now have a gun that can use this ammo. Don't know exactly what I'd use it for though...

It could really benefit from an SGB tool or Paco Tool. With an improved nose form such as the SGB it could be very effective on game as large as fox and, where permitted, housecats. This ammo is subsonic but it is NOT silent. While I don't have the necessary measuring equipment I think it fully as loud as the Winchester PP ammo.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Got to go out squirrel hunting yesterday. Having been inside during the early morning I didn't realize how hot it would get. Wasn't quite in the mood as I like the crisp cold weather. Anyway, I got out there with the Marlin Mountie and put the stalk on several squirrels. Using a rifle this early in the season is certainly a challenge because you don't get to see the little fellows for long at all as they scamper behind leaves. When they get dowon on the ground you aren't going to be much luckier as all the ground cover is between you and them and they seem to have the ability to see THROUGH the ground cover while I can't.

Of course I really enjoyed getting this rifle out. I'm using Winchester PowerPoints and it is zeroed to be right on at 25 yards. However, the front big bead does limit range as the squirrel doesn't have to be too far out to have his entire head subtended by the bead. The rifle is a good solid "man's gun" but I sure do wish I'd had one when I was a kid! Mine was purchased used and was built in 1956. Good gun.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

I had the new Hogue wood grips on the 629 to the range today and wow! Why is it that I don't get it? I could have had these grips years ago. They really handled the recoil well and were comfortable. I could get used to them very easily. Keith's load was a relative pussycat compared to the gun wearing those Gripper Compacs. Guess I'll have some stuff going on eBay...

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Lots happened yesterday.

First thing we sent a friend some money for roof repair. Not much now as I don't have much having spent it on some of what follows. We also donated to the Red Cross for disaster relief. I hope that anyone reading this will donate something to help those affected by hurricane Katrina.

My Hogue wooden grips came in from Hogue Auctions. Goncalo Alves, they are pretty blonde and go ok with the M629. I'll post a pic later with a target as soon as I can get to the range. However, these grips also feel pretty good. They were EXTREMELY easy to install. Following the directions it took all of 2 minutes to remove the Pachmayrs and install these and that includes the time to read the instructions. Just doesn't get any better than that. These grips feel rock solid. So far anyway as they've not had a single round fired.

THEN, I had to go to my mom's place to do some chores for her and carried the EMF 92 and some loads with the 250 gr. XTP-HP over 9 gr. of Unique. The gun took it's first groundhog! Range was about 85 yards, I held on his neck and the bullet went right through the upper chest.

I was also able to get my Federal Migratory Bird Stamp, needed to legally hunt waterfowl, but I had to go to another post office. Now, if I can just get locate some geese where I can hunt.