Monday, July 18, 2016

Reports from the range...

The Stonewall Rifle and Pistol Club had a "Varmint" shoot this Sunday. Actually a centerfire benchrest competition with rifles shooting targets from 100 to 300 yards distant and pistols firing at targets at 50 and 100 yards, this competition brought out 23 competitors and 29 entries in the various classes.

I only shoot the pistol class using a 10" .223 Remington barrel with a Burris scope set at 9-power (the allowable limit according to the rules). My current load is the Hornady flat base 53 grain match bullet (discontinued) over 20 grains of H4198 lit by CCI small rifle primers in Hornady brass. It is really challenging to see the targets even at 100 yards so that one can correctly place the bullets for maximum score. I was very pleased to increase my score by 25 points from the last match. However, I was not very close to the #1 and 2 in the match.