Friday, February 07, 2003

Yesterday, I received a Bullberry, 16½", blued, bull, .41 Remington Magnum barrel from Mike Wittmer of Sanford, FL. This is really and outstanding barrel! Very well made (as is most of Bullberry's product) and finished and Mike took very good care of it as well. I've got it mounted already (so I can zero it if the weather ever gets good enough) with a Rynite 14" forearm (which works with the spacing Fred Smith of Bullberry uses for his hanger system) and carbine stock. For a sight I am using a Simmons 4X National Turkey Federation, turkey scope on a Weaver mount with Millet Angle-lok rings. Of course, the Rynite forearm for the 14" barrels does not have provision for a sling swivel so I've installed a .800-.850" Uncle Mikes barrel band (remember that the Contender barrel measures .812-.815") and this looks good and is working really well.

I will say that I have not cared much for this scope so far but it sure looks cute on this set-up. I'm not really thrilled with the Millet rings either but they were on hand so...

The whole deal is compact and should give another 400-500 fps to the 170-180 grain bullets over the 10mm Auto in the 14" with Choate extender. However, I am most interested in using a 250-275 gr. LBT design cast GC bullet in this cartridge with this barrel. Both Beartooth Bullets and Cast Performance offer bullets of this type in the required diameters.

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