Friday, October 29, 2004

A Political Note

Perhaps some readers won't particularly care for mentioning politics here but I have to express my opinion. I hope that I'll never have to use this blog for political talk again.

Politics is an integral aspect of the shooting sports. Failure to elect politicians who behave positively towards shooters and gun owners (and hunters) will doom the sport and steal the value of collections as well as the sentimental items from future generations. It is is up to each of us to do now so that others who follow will not have to undue the results of our apathy.

The most important event to us today is the Presidential election although we should not dismiss the congressional elections. EVERY person for whom we vote MUST be supportive of our rights. Our rights mean nothing if we are dead so security is the other important measure of a candidate. Social concerns such as Medicare, Social Security, even jobs are secondary. What is important is that the next President and the Congress understand that we are war with Muslim fanatics who wish to destroy us. Indeed, these people are more focused on our destruction than the Japanese or Nazis ever were. Failure to destroy these people is NOT an option.

There is only one candidate that will continue that fight with determination and dedication and that is George W. Bush. I think that in their determination and blinded by their unreasonable hatred of President Bush, the Democrat Party has proven that they are now a party of deceit and treachery. I believe that a vote for ANY Democrat is a vote for the ENEMY.

I hope that every reader will vote, and I pray that God will give you to see and do right and vote for George W. Bush and NOT vote for any Democrat in ANY office.

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