Tuesday, November 23, 2004

I've been hunting, finally, this week and not had a lot of luck. First, I didn't get to scout. Also, I don't have any hot spots. Seems my hot spots were everybody else's hot spots as well!

I have been taking the Browning 1886 SRC (.45-70) and it is a pleasure to carry. While I have plenty of lighter rifles, there's nothing wrong or uncomfortable about carrying this one. I've been able to see the sights in most situations (except today's heavy rain) but I do have to quit earlier as darkness impedes sighting earlier than with a good aperture or scope sight.

Lots fewer hunters where I go (should that tell me something?) with only 9 camps where there were once (about 1973) 250. Fewer camps, fewer hunters, fewer things pushing the deer, less browse from now grown up clearcuts, fewer deer but lots quieter. Getting out a walking has been a pleasure.

I've seen quite a few squirrels so there must be some hard mast. Soft mast seemed to have been plentiful a month or so ago. I've not seen any grouse but rabbits must be on an up cycle. Seen some coyote scat as well. Nowhere near the number of rubs, scrapes, fresh tracks, etc. from deer that we once had.

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