Thursday, December 23, 2004

The last 2 days of hunting (well partial days) have provided none of the traditional measures of success, like a buck on the ground! However, they've been informative and interesting and, above all, calming.

Yesterday, I didn't get out until late but had plenty of time and pretty good conditions to check a number of trails on an often hunted piece of farmland. It was informative because it was clear that there had been only those 2 doe had seen the other day in the weeks since "regular" gun season. NO new scrapes, NO new rubs, nothing to indicate that there was a buck in the vicinity. I hope he got some before they shot him in the regular season.

Today, was a bit rainy. Didn't look too bad at the house but the rain was really coming down on "the mountain". Still, I had taken the necessary precautions and tried to hunt. Other than getting wet, I did myself no good in the bring a buck to bag category. I did decide to see if my charge had been as well protected as I thought and proceeded to light one off at some very soft ground. She smacked the ground hard, at the mark, at 50 yards and went right off. Quite pleased at that, I didn't so much mind the early ride home.

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