Saturday, February 04, 2006

The Taylor's & Co. Spencer carbine as shown on their website

Guns magazine has a good, Taylor's & Company .56-50 Spencer carbine article by Mike Venturino. This rifle might be quite a bit of fun. However, there are others we'd like to have...

Chaparral Arms is coming out with a reproduction of the Winchester 1876. They will also be producing ammunition. This is particularly important so far as the .45-75 is concerned.

The Winchester 1876 Reproductions as shown on the Chaparral Arms website

Taurus has announced and actually released, I've handled one, the Thunderbolt. A .357 Magnum or .45 Colt rifle based on the Colt Lightning, this pump action gun is light, seems to have good handling characteristics, and is pretty exciting for those of us who can't afford the more historically correct USFA version.

The Taurus Thunderbolt as shown on the Taurus website

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