Saturday, July 21, 2007

Billy and Baton

I don't know exactly how I came by these but I seem to remember they were thrown in on a trade for something else. I've accumulated a lot of "stuff" that way and some of it moved on.

The first is a US Army issue type (maybe it is the real thing, hard to tell) riot baton or 36" quarter-staff. Yeah, turned wood sticks. Exciting as all get out, right? But, with the proper training you can completely control an unarmed person and disarm somebody armed with a knife. AND you can do this without permanently harming that person.

The second is the old standard billy club. Turned hardwood painted black. I've never used this, just had it. Used to be that every policeman seemed to have one of these. I've never trained with it, I just have it.

- FM 19-15, Chap 10
- Monadnock Baton Chart - a PDF file.

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