Saturday, June 14, 2008

Little Hatchet in Need of Handle

This neat little ax or hatchet is in need of a handle. I remember using it with a neat little fawn's foot on the end of the handle just like a really small hatchet. As you can see from the photo (the multi-tool is there for scale and is 3-1/4" long) this really is a little thing and the eye is likewise diminutive.

I'd like to get it set up and make it available to my grandson and granddaughter as a tool with which they can learn to use the hatchet at a young age (parents permitting). It is just such a neat thing. Unfortunately, I don't know the maker and don't think that I have the skill to make a handle from scratch as my paternal grandfather would have done.

In my research I have found at least one really neat source for tool handles and that is the House Handle Company of Cassville, MO. You really need to look at this company's wares.

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