Saturday, October 25, 2008

Tyler T Grip Adapters

The Tyler T grip adapter was designed by Melvin Tyler back in 1952 to provide a means by which a revolver owner could make more hand-filling revolver grips without great expense or difficulty.  I think he got it right. I like that it isn't like Pachmayr's copy and produced in plastic but rather in real aluminum. Nowadays you can get them in matte aluminum, high polish aluminum, matte black, shiny black and bronze and for most DA revolvers. In addition to the advantages that accrue in gun handling, the Tyler-Ts do those things without adding bulk or making a concealed firearm "print" more than the issue piece. This is an additional benefit because the factory wood stocks/grips don't grab clothing in the way most rubber does. In other words, it makes the gun more comfortable to carry.

Once upon a time my thing was to replace all the factory wood with Pachmayr rubber. It was in, it pretty much fit my hand and it wasn't too expensive. I've left that period of perversion behind and put the factory wood back on but also installed Tyler-Ts on my Colts and S&Ws. To the right is my 3" Colt Detective Special with a Tyler-T (bright) to illustrate the system.  You could say that they suit me to a "T".

- D&J Gun Repair
- Bob Makowski

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