Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Long Term Storage of Firearms

Please read this stuff, for quite obvious reasons!

Long term storage of guns - relatively short, MUST READ. Mentions Brownell's Triple Tough Bags and Rust Blox combination for great long term protection of firearms in storage.

Where to get long term gun storage bags and tablets
If the above link doesn't work simply log on to Brownells and look in their cleaning supplies tab, then enter "Triple Tough" in the search box.

Storage bags and tabs for 12 long guns, 12 handguns currently comes to just a tad over $100.00 from Brownell's, at least if you are a registered customer.

Prices will suddenly go up and/or supplies will dwindle very soon

John de Fresno


Burying Guns? by Massad Ayoob
Bury a gun and ammo
for 15 years
(and be assured everything still works when you dig it up)
by Charles Wood

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