Sunday, January 17, 2010

In Memoriam - Jeff Stamper

Jeff Stamper is reported to have died in his sleep of natural causes.  I would like to take a moment for a few words about Mr. Stamper.

I knew him through a couple of internet forums.  We did business a couple of times and for his part, all was satisfactory.  He was a good person with whom to chat/correspond and with whom to do business.  I know that he truly loved his family and his life.  If you believe that the good die young, then that might well explain why he was so soon taken from us.  I think he had indeed learned what he needed to learn from this life and can only hope that he was needed elsewhere.  I was looking forward to actually meeting him this spring.  That won't be for a while.  I believe he's gone to heaven and I do so hope that I will, too.  We will then have quite a bit to discuss. 

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