Monday, June 11, 2012

Notes from the gun shop...

Another day that trended slow. Boss man attributes that to schools being closed and many folks on vacation, etc. We had quite a few people come in the shop and we did 5 transfers. There is a nice Highway Patrolman, a Security Six, and a pre-64 Winchester 94. Also a Winchester Model 54 .30-06 with Lyman receiver sight has yet to find a home.

Got to closely examine a Browning 1911-22 and I was pretty pleased with the quality of the gun. They do need to include a spare magazine as those are unavailable even from Browning and even at the suggested retail of $41.99! Boss man order 3 of these a year ago and they came in last Thursday. ALL the guns have been sold.

I think the finish is fully up to that of any of Browning's current production. It is even and there don't seem to be any problems in the fabrication of the parts. Surely, some would prefer that Browning had a different aesthetic standard that made them highly polished, blued steel. This is not to be. Some would prefer that they be full-size. For that I have the Tactical Solutions conversion. I would prefer that those parts on this gun which are plastic were not, at least being aluminum. I haven't shot one yet, perhaps we'll see how well they hold up to use.


Anonymous said...

I have handled one of these and I find the fit and finish a total embarrassment for Browning. No spare mag and no polish. If this were a full size gun with a steel frame it would have been better. No wonder they withheld them from the market so long.

Theresa said...

This Hobie is just beautiful. Where did you acquire such a price? I really want to have one of these to add to my collection.