Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Notes from the gun shop...

Tardy with this report because I've gotten out of the habit.  Anyway, we had a middling busy day on Monday past and there were some nice guns contained within the confines of our establishment.  First off, I found a re-blued Colt Police Positive Special with "pearl" grips.  A 4" barreled gun, it might be a grand shooter and it isn't too expensive.  Also, there was a pair of Winchester Model 61s, both .22LR, one a 1947 and the other a 1953 if I remember correctly but I might be off a year or two.  Boss man is asking just under $1000 for either of them.  We had a fella bring in a gorgeous, 2", flat-latch S&W Kit Gun trying to tempt Boss man into a trade deal but Boss man resisted the temptation to pay retail and the fella took all his trading stock home with him.  There was also a nice Colt 1908 hammerless pocket pistol (.380)  but I'm not certain that isn't already bound for someplace else. 

Got to talk with and help a number of people including several young people interested in buying their first handgun(s).  All in all a good day.

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