Monday, April 22, 2013

Notes from the gun shop...

Had another interesting if busy day. There were a couple of folks from the military past who came into the shop. First was Gerald S_______ who had been in the 116th Inf Bde (Sep) in 1981 but, we probably only served together about 5 months, and the second was LTC (USA, Ret.) Lamar S____ who had been the Active Army adviser to the Brigade about 1985-87 (I hope I have those dates correct).

Some ammo trickled in. We'd received some .22 LR, 9mm ball, .45 ACP ball, and .38 Special 158 gr. RN but it trickled right back out the door again. We still had 2 boxes of .45 ACP ball (100-round packs) when we closed the doors this evening. We do have a little bit of ammo in reserve for those who buy firearms. We also had 3, 1000-round cases of .223/5.56mm ball but sold one to a fellow from West Virginia. He did NOT speak well of Senator Manchin.

One thing that was particularly interesting today. We had TWO people who are New York state residents stop and marvel at, and buy, some ammunition. Apparently they can't get ANYTHING in their home town areas.

Another big thing today was that we did the transfers for some of this past Saturday night's Friends of NRA dinner. One fellow, who is on the committee, had one his first gun in 20-years! The other had bought 3 guns at the live auction. Speaking of which...

The prices for guns at the live auction were pretty interesting. Here's what got what (gun wise)...
- Kimber Carry II .45 ACP $900.00
- Weatherby Vanguard Series 2 Eurosport .270 Win with Leupold VX III $1650.00
- Kimber M84 Classic Select .257 Roberts $1150.00
- KelTec KSG 12 gauge $1300.00
- Taurus Ultra Lite 85 $550.00
- Springfield M1A $2000.00
- Century Arms Coach Gun (Staunton Commemorative) $1200.00
- Henry Big Boy .44 Rem Mag $475.00
- Henry Golden Boy .22 LR $500.00
- SIG Sauer Navy Seal pistol $1125.00

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