Monday, August 12, 2013

Notes from the gun shop...

What to say about today. Interestingly we have several classic, quality firearms on hand, a couple of neat other guns and we had some ammo. No, we have no .22 LR except for some match ammo. We sold out of the 9mm and .45 ACP ball but we do have .38 Special and .40 S&W. We also have some .17 HMR for the first time in several weeks.

Those neat firearms? There is a Smith and Wesson 17-4, a 15-3 and a 10-5 all in very good or better condition. We also have a couple of Savage 24s, a Browning Sweet 16 and a Ruger 94-44.

We also received a supply of 209 primers for blackpowder season and some TC Impact rifles.

One other thing. There was recently the abduction of a young woman in Nelson County. Today, two female residents of the area near the supposed site of her abduction bought a pistol for self-defense. It was obvious to them that the police could not be with them at the time of an abduction and that they would have to fend for themselves. That there was a man who had been arrested gave them no comfort...

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