Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Notes from the gun shop...

Handled a S&W 69 yesterday and in my view it is a 4" 696 with matte finish and better grips AND, of course, the Magnum chambering. I showed it to a friend who stopped by the shop and he allowed that it would be perfect with .44 Special level loads, which is true. Not to stir the pot but he didn't like the lock or MIM parts (trigger really) nor did he like the matte finish. People commented on the black screw heads with the stainless gun. I think the cash price would be around $775. I don't know if I can get excited about it at that price.

Glock is doing a good job of getting the G42 out to the public. We had another bunch come in and about half have gone out already. More coming. I've been told that Glock has devoted ALL U.S. production capacity to the G42 until the intial spate of buyers are sated.

I went to the new doctor today. Need a physical and will get one from this guy. He had to interview me before taking me on as a new patient. Dang. Is everyone going through this?

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Unknown said...

I'm not sure if I have the right person or not but I recently aquired a Colt/Sharps deluxe NIB complete with paper work s/n 389.
The case is a green hard plastic with foam insert (which has been replaced due to a leaked lube bottle). However I have seen in the 1972 Gun Digest where there was a velvet lined wood case supplied with the deluxe versions.
First i've heard of this, was it an option?
I would like to replace the (3) assy boxes as they sustained some damage due to the leaky oil bottle.(which is now missing).
The rifle and everything else is in excellent shape.
I would like to replace the damaged items if possible.
Bud Young
250- 949-6478