Thursday, April 17, 2014

A New Game

Well, I've been suckered into shooting in our club's .22 LR benchrest matches. Of course I don't (didn't) have a suitable rifle. Most shoot an Anschutz but a couple of fellows use BSA tilting blocks. I put it off but the combined pressure of the wife wanting me to make the club membership "worth the money" by shooting more and various and sundry urging me to shoot came to a head yesterday when I stopped by the shop to work out some scheduling details (which have yet to be worked out). The boss wasn't there but my co-worker and good friend Wayne pointed out that a Winchester 52C HB target had come in on consignment. I didn't think that I could afford to pay what it was worth but put some money down to make sure it didn't get out the door with somebody else.

Made in 1955, with globe and aperture sights as well as scope blocks it is set up as a small bore rifle. However, these have a big flat forearm which should work well on the rest. Then I got a little research done and was thinking I'd have to D&T for mounts suitable for a more modern scope and also discovered that it was more than I'd initially thought.

So, today, I went in to get my money and put it back on the market. The boss man was there and I fell over when he said he'd let me have it for what the consignor wanted, $825. Now I will have to find an adapter bracket for the Lyman/Unertl block(s) or a mount that uses the rear sight mounting holes. It does need some loving cleaning on the exterior. I will also have to find some better ammo.

- Dewey Greiner's Classic Unertl Scopes
- Evolution Gun Works
- Gary Fellers Sights & Scopes
- Parson Scope Service

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Anonymous said...

Mine likes any 40 grain .22 ammo.
Federal Gold Medal and Wolf Match Target were better than the rest by a small margin.

Great old rifle and lots of fun to shoot.