Sunday, July 27, 2014

Benchrest .22 LR

The "saga" of the BR50 .22 continues. I was really pleased with my shooting today. Despite gusty conditions, I shot a 425. That placed me third of 14, 5 of 20 including the unlimited shooters and I tied with the national 13th seed shooter. The winning unlimited gun shot 465, there were 2 445s (a 9x and a 6x) in the factory class, an a 440 in the unlimited. This shooting a stock 52C, Weaver T36 and SK Standard Plus ammo. I could have done better as I made some form faults and was consistent behind the gun, but I am really pleased. Much better consistency today.

We would have had greater differences between shooters if we scored the targets for this unsanctioned match as they are "supposed' to be scored. I ought to take the time to "correctly" score my targets. That should prove interesting! I went back and re-scored the targets correctly, i.e. by the intended method, and scored 3685 9X. That was a 1760-2 on the first target and 1925-7 on the second target. OFFICIALLY, I think they are only supposed to shoot ONE 25 target sheet/stage. Now I'm interested in how much actual improvement I've made. So I scored my first target and I've had about a 20% improvement. I shot a 1450-2 and a 1535-0 for 2985-2 for that match. I take it that is really not so good but I am just starting. I am betting that my buddy's target would have scored much better than mine. He's shot several/many 50 of 50 at matches. I'm not there yet. But I do love this rifle... We have a 100 yard shoot this Sunday.

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