Sunday, September 28, 2014

Stonewall Rifle and Pistol Club vs. Shenandale Gun Club

Our two clubs had our "joint shoot" today in which we compete for a cup by having participating members shoot 2-rounds each of trap and skeet. The trap is shot at our range and we shoot the skeet portion next at the Shenandale facilities.

For what it is worth the Shenandale facilities, skeet and sporting clays, are PLUSH as in posh, nice, even luxurious. The grounds and club house are immaculate. The trap houses on the skeet ranges are mini-log buildings and it is all very nice.

I hadn't shot skeet since 1980 and trap since about 1982 or 1983 and that was the ONE round I ever shot. I took Dad's Winchester 101 12 ga. skeet gun (yes, I shot the trap and skeet with the same gun and loads) and a case (I didn't really know what to expect until I got there) of Federal's T118 7.5 load, 1-1/8 oz of 7-1/2 shot at 1230 fps. I used my old vest because I couldn't find my belt bag. That was funny because the last time I wore that vest was about 1973 and, no surprise, it no longer wraps all the way around my middle. I think I need to get a new vest.

I did alright for a 30-something year lay-off, especially using the gun/load combo for the whole deal. I shot 38 of 50 at trap and a 32 of 50 at skeet. I actually did better than a couple of people at skeet, which surprised me. I was only one target short of a fellow who had an actual trap gun.

This about wore me out. Dad's gun has no recoil pad, it is a 12 ga. and 100 rounds started to get a real run at me. My right jaw swelled right up, got stiff and sore. Lack of experience, i.e. practice, means that I was doing lots of things wrong and how I held the gun was one. I was constantly raising my head and stopping my swing. This really told on the skeet range. I only got a couple of doubles and missed enough singles and other doubles to make up for it.

Was the weather beautiful? Yes. Did I have a good time? Yes. Did everyone else have a good time? I think so. Did it make a little money for both clubs? I think so. That makes it a great day.

PS - We lost by 14 birds.

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