Monday, May 16, 2016

.22 Benchrest

I started a couple of years ago. Wasn't really interested, didn't have an appropriate firearm but Nana "made" me do it. Got a 1955 produced Winchester 52C, mounted a Weaver 36X and got some moderately priced (relatively) .22 LR target/match ammunition, and a rest. I've had some success, in other words I've improved. Then again, I am just in the middle of the pack, an average shooter. Some of it is equipment, I don't have a one piece rest, don't use the most expensive ammo, haven't tweaked the rifle, etc. Some is me, my eyesight, my technique, my level of interest/commitment. However, I still enjoy it. Good people, a problem to solve without any more pressure to solve it than I choose to put on myself, time away from life's concerns, all good to me. The game isn't particularly physically challenging either. With planning and enough interest to get adaptive equipment a person who was confined to a wheelchair, missing limbs, and having who knows how many other physical challenges can participate. Gender is absolutely not an issue. Turns out to be great fun.

Yesterday I shot at our club. The wind was whipping with gusts of 45-50 mph but mostly at 15-25 mph and the temperature never got over 56°F. Challenging. I was still able to shoot better than I did at the season's first shoot a month ago. A good day all around.

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