Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Cost of dental care...

About 50 years ago I had 2 taken at a time with only local anesthetic. Each time the gum had to be cut away to access the teeth and the teeth drilled and split with a chisel to get them out of the jaw. The dentist actually got up on the chair and leaned against me to get the right angle on the work he was doing. Then I was stitched up and sent home with a latex glove which had frozen water in it. They did give me a prescription for codeine pain pills (IIRC). Chew on the one side they said, the stitches will dissolve (its NEW) they said. 6-10 months later a piece of tooth migrated out of the gum and was discovered when I bit down on a pancake. Given the value of the dollar today I would think that the price you've been quoted is entirely reasonable

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