Tuesday, September 21, 2004

I've been thinking about the list of guns I want. Seems to change all the time. Should I list them? Think I will...

1. Browning 1886 SRC w/tang sight(enroute)
2. Winchester M92 SRC .45 Colt with Tang Sight and maybe a few extras... (clone from Steve's Gunz)
3. Savage 99, straight grip, brass spool (maybe), .250-3000 OR .260 Rem OR .358 Winchester OR .300 Savage, receiver sight
4. Winchester 71 in .348 Winchester (what else?) with a good receiver sight.
5. Winchester 1895 SRC in .30-40 or .303 British with Lyman 38 receiver sight.
6. Marlin M39 Mountie (already have the Williams Foolproof Sight!).
7. Ruger 4 5/8" Bisley Vaquero, blued, .45 Colt. Might install Tru-Ivory grips.
8. Remington Model 8 in .30 Remington (might be coming already!). Want to convert to trapper length and install a good receiver sight.

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