Wednesday, August 24, 2005

I've got this S&W M629 4" with which I've never really had a good relationship. That is, no matter the grips it never really fit my hand, no matter the holster it was never really comfortable to carry. It can shoot as shown in this image of 100 shots on a single target. However, it has not been the best of times with this gun.

100 shots, mostly off-hand, 25 yards, 9 gr. Unique under the 240 gr. Hornady swaged SWC

So now, I've got this gun and I HATE to sell guns and I HATE IT when I can't master a gun and this gun has resisted my every effort. Now is the time to rectify the situation and that is what I'm going to do.

First, I ordered a Tom Threepersons holster and belt rig from Levergun Leather Works in Athol, ID. Lever has been doing leather for the greater portion of his life and his work looks good. A lot of it is for the CAS crowd, but you'll have to ask him what percentage. I thought I'd give him a try and I now await a rig that should serve the gun, and me, well.

Second, I've fought with the grips on this gun since I bought it. A 629-1 with square butt, I didn't like the factory grips but who does? Pachmayr Presentations went on it for several years and I did carry it deer hunting, shot a couple of groundhogs, kept it in the truck, and by the bed but that grip was not the greatest thing for my hand(s). I just don't have the reach to use these grips and shoot the gun in double-action. A different grip would be nice and I tried the Pachmayr grippers but the closed back style was just as long a reach and the open back style (currently installed) has a really sharp corner that doesn't handle the full-house .44 Mag loads well. As a consequence, I don't shoot the full-house loads very often. So, I needed a replacement and went to the Hogue Grips auction site and was able to find a set of grips for a little under $30, delivered. Haven't seen the grips yet but how about a set of wood grips for that price? Can you buck at that opportunity? Well, I've got my fingers crossed and the sandpaper and rasp ready.

Trail Boss powder is been all in the news lately. Developed to be used in the low velocity loads in high volume cases used in the Cowboy Action Shooting, this powder would have an application with such loads in my .45 Colt EMF 92 carbine. Can't find it. Nobody around here has it. Some look at you with a really blank look when you mention it. What's up with that? I ask, but no real answer is forthcoming. Who knows? It is frustrating.

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