Thursday, August 25, 2005

Virginia has moved to selling hunting licenses on-line. What they haven't advertised much is that you now need a VA State Migratory Bird Stamp as well as the federal stamp to hunt migratory waterfowl. $9.75 and you can get it on-line. Don't be a putz like me and think that that was the Federal stamp... I'm sooooooo embarassed.

Also, I understand some state has moved to include pre-1898 single shot rifles in the ML season. Another state has moved to eliminate the season as in-lines have no disadvantage. Word to the wise, the VA people are also asking why VA has a separate season when the hunters are at no disadvantage and the season comes during the prime 10 days of the rut (according to lunar cycles). Pays to read the regs and follow the politics.

VA also allows cross-bows during archery season... I'm not surprised as the people who think that technology will help them "hunt" better will win out.

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