Thursday, October 06, 2005

I went to the range today with my Colt Combat Commander and a box of reloads consisting of .45 ACP brass trimmed to one length, 7 gr. of Unique and a Hornady 200 gr. CT Match lit with a CCI 300 primer. This is a pretty accurate bullet up close and cuts a .45 cal hole in the target. Unfortunately this load only fed from one magazine I had on hand. That's a big bummer! Now need to clean the gun though.

Nobody else was on the range and I had a good time exploiting the situation by firing on the 150 meter target area. I was easily able to smack a 2 liter bottle somebody left littering the 50 yard line and these rounds stayed on a silhouette at 150 yards, once I found the range. You have to know how to hold.

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