Thursday, November 17, 2005

So another thing that happened at the range is that I went through my regular brass patrol picking up any rifle brass still on the ground. Found several .30-30 once fired cases that had obviously been fired in a .375 Winchester or .38-55 chamber. No rifle parts about so I presume the firearm was undamaged (as I would expect). I've never done this as I don't want a .308" bullet slopping down my .375" bore but this fellow has done it for me. I'll have to size and try these cases in my .38-55.

As one would expect there's always a bunch of .30-30 brass, some .243 Winchester, .270 Winchester and .30-06. But who doesn't reload their 7mm Rem Mag or other belted mag cases or fat mag cases. Apparently there are some as that gets found on the ground in neat piles with great regularity. Funny how folks will complain about the price of gas but throw away so much perfectly good brass.

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