Thursday, November 17, 2005

Still no luck with the deer but I'm excited about being able to develop a load for my new Ruger New Vaquero 4-5/8" .45 Colt. Today, I took some rounds loaded with the Mt. Baldy 255 gr. Keith over 8 gr. of Unique to Hite Hollow Range and tried them at 25 yards.

18 rounds at 25 yards from Ruger New Vaquero
I was pretty pleased as the wind was blowing with gusts to at least 25 MPH, the temp was only 30 degrees F (less than 0 degrees Celsius) and the sun was shining strongly from my right. Previously, the gun has been shooting low and to the left with 9 gr. of Unique and 2 bullets including the Mt. Baldy 255 Keith AND with 8.5 gr. Unique and the Mt. Baldy. I'm convinced that at least some of that is ME. My technique with the gun needs work. Now the "groups" are relatively centered and elevated. For the time being, at least, I'll shoot the gun as is. I want to see if the POI changes as I get more experience with the gun. Yesterday, I was able to hit plastic bottles but not the target! I can see that there is a lot of potential in these 3 cylinders-full. Anyway, this should be an ongoing effort and fun. After all, fun is what it is all about.

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