Friday, March 24, 2006

My good friend OD gave me a shorter trigger for the 1991A1. From a Norinco, this one is steel. He mailed it Tuesday and it arrived today. It is in the gun now...

You can't beat friends like that giving great birthday presents! The gun feels better to me with the new trigger. I think it looks better as well as that long nylon thing didn't fit the window and just looked ugly.

However, putting a series 80 back together was a bit of a pain. I had to use a slave pin and some grease to hold one part in while I reassembled the sear et-al and the hammer strut just didn't want to set on the mainspring right! All together now though! I am glad I had another series 80 to which to refer. Now there is some complication for no reason!!!

Had a bit of a problem, as I was taking the gun down the recoil spring plug took off and burst a flourescent light bulb right over my head. My wife thought I had set off a bomb. Caught pure heck for that! Took me two hours to get it all cleaned up!!!

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