Wednesday, June 28, 2006

New (to me) Old Army - First Year of Production

Oh yeah, for $220 or so shipped I got this first year of production Ruger Old Army and it is, although sans box and nipple wrench, in very good condition, excellent even. There is a hint of pitting (but it is blued without a reblue, is it really pitting or manufacture flaw?) on the forward edge of cylinder circumference. The gun locks up tight but the rammer is noticeably looser than my Lyman Remington New Model Army I bought in 1974. For what it is worth that was two years after the Old Army was made. I killed game in Texas with the Lyman which was purchased in San Angelo. The "new" gun came to me from Pennsylvania but who knows where it has traveled in the years since "birth".

I have bought a nipple wrench but still need to get the proper size balls, a Ruger hard case and a holster for the gun.

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