Friday, June 09, 2006

Places to Go

I have to admit that I don't enjoy travel. To me, travel by plane, car, train, bus, or whatever is a necessary evil to allow me to move to someplace where I can do something I want or, worst of all, need to do. However, I can have some good trips. You read of one that I did last year where we pulled the RV through 19 states in 25 days and got to see the Alamo, the Buffalo Bill Historical Center, Yellowstone National Park, and the Little Bighorn Battlefield.

Those were the highlights for me. You might see a pattern developing. If you don't now you will.

Several years ago, I can't tell you when without looking at my passport, my wife "took" me to England. We stayed at a B&B in London and saw Edinburgh, Stonehenge, the Roman baths at Bath, the Royal Armories (in Leeds), the Tower, Westminster, and the Imperial War Museum. Oh, we saw other stuff as well. Gardens, pubs, ghost tour, Parliament, London Bridge, Tower Bridge (which is interesting) and so on. That stuff just wasn't as interesting to me.

We've even taken a couple of bus tours to Canada. One went through Maine, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and returned through New Brunswick. The other went through Toronto, and north through Timmons and Sudbury to take the train from Cochran to Moose Factory, Ontario. In general this was interesting, mostly mildly so, and the wife LOVED both trips. What I enjoyed was seeing the forts, LL Bean, James Bay, the Canadian shield, lakes, thousand islands area, National Museum of Man and such.

I also wanted my dear wife to see where my father came from in upstate New York and we went to Lake George, Cooperstown, Niagara Falls, Corning Museum of Glass, and the Erie Canal. I liked, Lake George (I've always loved going to Lake George), Fort Ticonderoga, Old Fort Niagara, the Erie Canal (we actually toured the canal at Lockport), and the glass museum.

Why am I going on about this? Because every summer my wife, the teacher, wants to travel. She has 2½ months to do it and now that I'm retired, so do I. This summer we'll be going to Pensacola, Houston, Salt Lake City, Albuquerque, Charleston and points in between. We'll be riding trains, planes, truck, boats, RAFTS, and busses. At least I won't have to drive it all.

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