Thursday, August 24, 2006

S&W 34-1 "Kit Gun" and Instant Obsession

I've been reading Xavier Thoughts every day and then he posts about this S&W 34-1 that he's found and I'm suddenly drooling and otherwise exhibiting signs of firearms acquisition addiction. I've looked everywhere for one just like this. Round butt, blue, 2 inch barrel, in good shooting condition but what do I find, nothing under $400! Surprised me. Really surprised me. Disappointed, too. Now I'm exhibiting the classic signs of the addicts non-fullfillment of desire, namely, wide-eyed desperate running back and forth searching for the object of my desire accompanied by panting, shaking hands, and obsessive-compulsive checking of the gun-money in the wallet!

Pray for me. Better yet, write and tell me where one of these beauties might be available.

UPDATE: Exhaustive research shows that while folks are asking higher prices for these guns they are actually selling for prices $50 or so less than what is being asked. Thus a 90-95% gun sans box and tools is asking $400 but actually making a sale for about $325-350. Put that gun in a box and it seems that it will actually get another $10-25. Make it complete and new in the box (NIB) and suddenly you're looking at $400-450 depending on the condition of box and tools. Nickel? Bump that price up another $25 or so and condition is everything. A nickel gun with flaking is actually worth less than a 80% blued gun (it looks worse). Model 63s of both barrel lengths seem to be in the $375 range across the board, finish wear being less apparent on these guns.

As with all things, some folks seem to think that their particular gun is worth more and won't be talked down. Somehow you're cheating them, or trying, if you tell them that other guns of the same configuration are actually selling for a certain range. These are guns from which you must step back leaving your name and number if the owner reconsiders.

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