Monday, September 17, 2007

Swedish M94 Carbine cal. 6.5x55

I am a fan of the Mauser carbines. Well, not those on the 98 actions. I'm a small-ring action fan. I particularly like the M91 and M94 carbines. They have a sort of transitional-modern-bulldog look that I just like. They handle well for me, too.

Pictured here are several Swede M94 carbines as illustration of the type. This is because I recently came across a sporterized M94 at a local gun shop. The gun is all correct but for the stock which was altered to remove the handguard and give it a schnabel forearm tip. Of course all the iron forward of the receiver is missing as is the handguard (Numrich has one) and it would need a stock. The price? $180.

Of course these guns are selling for about $400 for an unmatched or kinda grungy example to over $700 for a very good example. Add a bayonet (about $50-100 depending on condition) and an original sling and the price starts to climb. It will go even higher with certain marks.

In my younger, less sophisticated days, I wanted one and was going to put an FP-98 on it. In fact this is what I did with my M96. But it isn't a M94 with the short 17+" barrel and military iron. I did run into one about 1983 when Jon Ritenour had one on consignment. This gun had been well done up with the FP installed and original rear sight removed. The handguard was still there and the cut-out for the rear sight had been filled with a spliced in bit of nearly matching wood. Looked very good and the price was $135. Unfortunately, that was $135 I didn't have!

So, for all of you who have read this far in my tale I'll let you know that I can't get this gun at this time. I'll probably regret this one as well but the gun is at:

Nuckols Gun Works
1801 W Beverley St
Staunton, VA 24401

(540) 886-3061

Ask for Chris or Ernie. Tell 'em I sent you.

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