Saturday, January 19, 2008

AR-15s, aka "EBR" get yours NOW...

I know I'll be getting one again soon. I'm pretty much decided on a 1-7" twist barreled 5.56mm shooter and I'm going to have some 77 gr. quality handloads ready to go along with a low powered duplex reticle scope sight on the flat top with fold-em flat back up "iron" sights just in case... It will also have a short 16-and-some" barrel and telescoping buttstock (I'd prefer the old aluminum type). I'm only getting it for one reason...

In any case I'm researching parts suppliers. A friend has an upper from Lewis Machine and Tool. Sounds cool but if the upper works and it is a good barrel it will suit me.

Yesterday, I was over at Dominion Outdoors and saw that they had a few EBRs, specifically AR-15 variants/copies. Looked at them all including an Eagle Arms AR-10. Some money in the pocket and here comes the S&W MP-15, flat-top, folding sights, collapsable (albeit plastic) stock, 1-9 twist. And S&W has a promotion where you get one you can get a Sigma for $99 (about what they SHOULD cost!) $1099 for the rifle + $99 for the pistola + $59.90 tax for $1257.90 and the $2 NICS check.

I then went over the Nuckols' Gun Works and looked at theirs. They have a couple of Bushmasters including a short flattop with carry handle and 1-9 twist. Price was the same as for the MP-15 at Dominion. That's not bad for retail but I think one could do better and now I'm stuck on the 1-7 twist. I walked out with something else instead.

I'm thinking that whatever you do, now is the time to do it.

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