Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Charles Daly Little Sharps

Everyone loves the Sharps rifles particularly the 1874 model which is all the rage when produced by Shiloh or C. Sharps. Mostly chambered in .45-70 or larger/longer cartridges burning blackpowder and weighing 8½ pounds and more, these guns are the darling of anachronistic hunters and BP silhouette competitors. Still, some wished for smaller lighter guns chambered for smaller cartridges with all the charm of the side-hammer breachloaders. Fortunately, one company had stepped into the "breach" so to speak.

Little Sharps Rifle Manufacturing Company has been producing such a gun for a bit now. However, the price has been, well, above the means of some desiring such a gun. $3250 is what they've been charging for their handmade 20% smaller version of the 1874 Sharps rifle. Now, they have an Italian made copy of their gun, at a much lower price point. Just the thing to be in the reach of "the rest of us" who can't or won't spend quite that much for the experience of shooting a smaller Sharps rifle. While the handmade version is available in many suitable cartridges, the Charles Daly version will initially be offered only in .38-55 and .45 Colt, two of the most, deservedly, popular cartridges they could have chosen. The price is right, too. $1229.00.

- Guns of the Old West article, "Son of a Sharps" by Ron Harris
- Charles Daily Little Sharps from Gunblast.Com

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