Tuesday, February 19, 2008

NRA Board Elections

I happen to think these are important. I think the board must (might be wishful thinking) give some guidance to the tactics and direction of the organization either directly or by judicious selection of the action people. Today I got my American Rifleman with the ballot inside. If you are a voting member, please take the time to vote.

I would like to suggest two things. First, that you only vote for the 5-8 very best people nominated or write-ins that you might have. If everyone votes 26 of the 31, I think that this ensures that the 26 least offensive will be elected with only the 5most unknown or most forgettable being unelected. By voting for only the best 5-8, the best vote getters will be obvious and it will ensure that the best ARE certainly elected. This is even more important if you are conducting a write in campaign.

Second, I'd ask that at the very least you examine the positions of those nominated. If they are in the least bit non-supportive of 2nd Amendment rights, as Jim Zumbo was, you should absolutely NOT vote for them even if you do vote for 20-25 of those nominated.

These folks are important because it is these board members who are going to face down some really anti-2A crap that will be coming our way over the next 4 years. Any one of them can, through an ill-considered opinion or phrase, damage our cause.

If you are a voting member, thank you for your dedicated membership.

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I've seen two or three recommendations by hardcore activists for Steve Schreiner. Any negatives? Other comments?

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