Saturday, March 15, 2008

Colt Cobra from 1968

Don't you wish you'd bought all the guns you want now, then? I know I do. I looked at this gun (and my DS) in the catalogs and in the gun store display cases then but I'm buying them now...

Here's my latest. It is a .38 Special Colt Cobra, manufactured in 1968. The year my wife graduated from high school. The year of the Tet Offensive. The year that I was confirmed in the Episcopal Church. The year that Martin Luther King and Robert Kennedy were assassinated. The gun looks so much better than anything else from that time (including me!).

The Colt Cobra is basically the D-frame double-action, 6-shot, Colt Detective Special with an aluminum frame. Cartridges for which the guns were chambered were the .22 LR, .32 Colt New Police (.32 S&W Long), .38 Colt New Police (.38 S&W) and .38 Special. +P .38 Special loads are not recommended as being to rough on the aluminum frame. Barrel lengths were the standard 2", 3", 4" and 5".

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