Tuesday, March 04, 2008

NRA Board Elections - My Votes

I just voted.

Steve Schreiner - he has the recommendation of several other people I respect.
Tom Selleck - we need a public persona that is attractive to other than our base.
James S. Gilmore III - former Governor of VA, he did a lot for this state's gun rights while here, has kept his word and has the ear of the nation's leaders (at least they know his name!).
Roy Innis - he's been on the side of right for a long time despite the fact that he's caught a lot of flack for it. Like me, he sees gun rights as the key to all rights.
Jim Taylor, Paco Kelly and John Taffin - I think these gentlemen would do a fine job if elected. I think they have the will to speak their minds and the ability to get along with other board members so that they can be effective. I acknowledge that unless there is a groundswell of support for them it is unlikely they'll be elected. However, if enough folks vote for them it might catch the eye of somebody who might actually recognize that there is a bit of dissatisfaction with the current drift of the organization.

I did not write in myself (as was suggested) because unless a LOT of folks write me in I'll just be some crank nobody knows. I also didn't vote for anyone else because I want "them" (the board) to see that some people took the time to consider their vote and didn't find all the nominees (however good they might be) worthy of a rubber stamp.

Thanks to those who carefully considered this vote.

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