Saturday, May 17, 2008

Marlin 336T in .35 Remington

This jewel of a gun came to me from Jim ______ and I deeply appreciate the opportunity to get this 1964 manufactured gun and for a very fair price. There were a couple of cosmetic issues (for most folks) but the screws will be replaced and I'm sure I'm going to ding up the metal myself a bit. The thing is the furniture is sound and the bullseye is unmolested. I had to put the Williams Foolproof on but that is never a chore.

Aside from the differing sights on my other 336T (a .30-30 made in 1982 which mounts a Lyman 66) the two 336Ts have different lever forms with the earlier gun haveing the ovoid lever loop instead of the more rectangular form.

This one is a bit slicker as well but rather than being more often fired I think it was made in a different era at Marlin. Another plus it has over the .30-30 336T is that it is lighter and quicker to the shoulder. The forearm is slimmer and the whole gun has a more dynamic feel. I don't think that any Winchester 1894 shooter would be disappointed in this gun as they often are in Marlin's admittedly clunkier standard guns.

Yeah, I like it.

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