Sunday, July 06, 2008

Building a Boat

I had a wonderful Saturday with the godson and his family in Richmond.  One of the things our godson's dad and I talked about was his recent build of a 15' sailboat.  One of the tape and glue plans using plywood (he expressed that there was real difficulty finding AB exterior grade plywood) and a single sheet of clear fiberglass mat (painted after), this dagger-board, lateen rigged boat should be a treat for Yort and Peter.  I think he's got the basics down and am looking forward to a report as soon as they can get the boat to water! 

However, this renewed in my mind my long-standing desire to build a boat.  The problem is that I live far from sailable waters while Yort lives just off Tampa Bay.  Where would I ever sail?  For certain I'm not moving.  So my back-up plan was to build a row boat, like an Adirondack guide boat or Lake George pulling boat, that could be sailed but for which the primary means of propulsion was an ash breeze.  Still, would I ever see the return on my investment?  I think I'm going to have to ponder this a bit...

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