Thursday, July 24, 2008

USFA Henry Nettleton Joins the Herd

Got a deal I couldn't pass up on a NIB USFA Henry Nettleton SA.  USFA's description and photos can't be beat so here goes...
An Old Armory Original™. A Numbered Series Following the Original U.S. Government Inspector Stamped Revolvers. {Limited to Serial Numbers 47056 through 51083.}

The Henry Nettleton™ Cavalry Revolver is the first in the Government Inspector Series. It is an exact re-creation of the model inspected by Henry Nettleton, U.S. Government inspector of small arms in 1878. The Nettleton features the exact cartouche branding and hand-stamped markings as the original. Available only in historically correct “US Government Cartridge”- 45 Colt, with one-piece walnut grips.

The USFA Henry Nettleton is an exact number for number re-creation of the original, using exact old style hand numbering. These revolvers feature our Old Armory Bone Case™ Hardened Frame, Gate & Hammer. Artillery Model has 5 ½" barrel. A special historically correct Armory Blue™ {Military Polish} will be used on all other parts. This is not our standard Salt Bath Finish - Dome Blue.™ Armory Blue™ is a Genuine pre-1900 finish and is accomplished through the use of sterile parts heated in a forge. Although more costly, Armory Blue™ provides that absolutely correct and durable blue. Also available in Full Nickel Plate with U.S. Government Markings.

Mr. Henry Nettleton {H.N.} was a U.S. Government Inspector of small arms produced for the Springfield Armory founded by George Washington in Mass. Henry Nettleton received his commission as Inspector in Springfield, June 6, 1878. The Nettletons comprise the most sought after examples of U.S. marked guns today. We are proud to offer a replica of these exact serial number guns {47056 - 51083} for the experienced shooter and collector. These specific arms have exact Cartouche branding and all correct Inspector Handstamp markings, beveled cylinders & finishes.

Frames are Black Powder variation with ‘V’ notch and blade front sight as historically correct.

Government Inspectors in this series:

Orville W. Ainsworth Serial No. Range 200-14,343
Henry Nettleton Serial No. Range 47,056-51,083
David F. Clark Serial No. Range 53,006-121,238
Rinaldo A. Carr Serial Range No. 130,438-140,361

Worth every penny!

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