Friday, November 06, 2009

USFA Color Case and Dome Blue Single Action

A few years ago, United States Firearms company decided to have a "sale" in which they'd offer this model revolver together with a .45 ACP cylinder for $875.00. At the time they announced the sale, this was a good price for the gun with the extra cylinder. I took advantage of the sale and ordered this gun. By the time it was delivered they announced that $875.00 was the new, lower, price of the revolver (it had been $950.00) because they'd made changes in production that had reduced costs. The gun was still a good deal but, not quite so good. The price of the revolver has now gone up again to about $975.00.

I was really excited to get this gun. However, coincidentally I'd worked a deal to get two others, the Henry Nettleton and an earlier 7½" barreled version. Suddenly I had a whole collection.  I haven't carried any of them very much, there's been too many other things going on but I can look forward to a time when it will be possible to fully enjoy this accurate, quality revolver.

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