Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Notes from the gun shop...

I love working in the gun shop.

First, I got some clips for the Garand. Then I got to listen to all the stories. One is kinda sad. Seems the builder some 40 years ago used concrete nails to frame out around the house chimney through which the woodstove flue went. This winter has been extra cold (hear that Al) and they've been burning the woodstove hot for quite a while. The flue heated the nails which gradually raised the 2x4s framing around the chimney to ignition temperature. Result, minus one house. Positive results? Proof that a fire-proof safe is good, cheap insurance. $60K worth of firearms were unharmed but for a bit of smoke damage. Apparently the smoke got in via the dehumidifier cord hole.

Second, I got to see some neat guns. The best was a near perfect Colt M1903 Military .32 ACP. Beautiful but without accouterments or box. Did I say beautiful? It would make you swoon... The other was a M74 Winchester in .22 Short with the neatest aperture sight mounted on the rear of the receiver AND threaded for a Maxim silencer.


David aka True Blue Sam said...

That M74 in .22 short is a great squirrel rifle. A silencer with shorts on that long barrel? Someone must have been hunting in town. My grandfather's M74 in Long Rifle still shoots better than I can. These are great rifles.

Hobie said...

It was in fact used in the city park to hunt squirrels!