Friday, April 30, 2010

"Hatcher's Notebook" by Julian S. Hatcher, MG, USA, Ret.

One of my recent projects has been to re-read a classic of firearms literature, "Hatcher's Notebook" by Julian S. Hatcher, Major General, United States Army, Retired.  Originally written in 1947 there is still a wealth of timely information for the modern shooter.  Clear, concise descriptions of headspace and powders as well as a wealth of historical information from a primary source make this book a must have.

While I had read the book many years ago, I'd forgotten how well it was written and much of the content.  You see, this book is so good that long forgotten borrower of my copy had failed to return it.  This copy was the result of that long ago accumulated good karma as it was given to me by Lewis, a co-worker at the shop.  A great gift! 

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