Monday, April 26, 2010

Notes from the gun shop...

Today we were busy. Lots of people in and out, lots of questions, lots of guns and "stuff" sold. Busy.

I love working where people know I work. An old co-worker and friend came by. We discussed our recently departed friend, grand-kids, reloading, hunting, RVing, racing, personal health, home improvement projects, and even military retiree health care while I waited on others. John A______ is a great guy both to work and hunt with.

We sold a number of guns. Everyday there's one gun sale which stands out as the most enjoyable. Today's was the sale of a Browning A-Bolt in .243 WSSM as a wedding anniversary gift. Now there's a lucky fella.

We also got to see a bunch of guns, as we often do, including 18 or so LCRs complete with the Crimson Trace being given by a local manufacturer as gifts to high performing employees. I once worked there and although I had the best production record I never got a thing. Things have changed!

We also had something happen which gave me pause. A young fellow came in looking for a MAC-10 magazine and 9mm Hollowpoints. I wanted to know what was up. One shouldn't be prejudiced but then again we had the other incident where some burglars bought accessories for a stolen gun with stolen money...

Background checks or rather the speed of clearing on the background check is always a concern. We did 11 backgrounds today. 2 were delayed, neither more than 1½ hours. This is a tremendous improvement. Instant checks were instant with approvals returned in a matter of 30 seconds after on-line form completion.

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